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When you are looking to sell  used cars in Houston, you are no doubt searching for cheap used cars in Houston or used vehicles for sale in Houston.

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The popularity of used cars has been on the rise for the past decade. In 2010, according to Statista figures, while eleven million new cars were sold, used car sales touched 35.7 million! In 2011 as well, 12 million new and 36 million used cars were sold.

The demand for used cars rose significantly in 2015, with 40.6 million used cars being sold. In 2017, about 42 million second-hand cars were sold as compared to 17.1 new cars.

Globally as well, the trend of increasing preference for used cars is picking up. Used cars sales in China, for instance, have been increasing since 2010 at a faster rate compared to new ones as per a recent report. In 2017, there was a growth of 19.3 percent for used cars, but new cars sales grew just by 3.2 percent. Industry experts predict that by 2020, sales of used cars would reach 20 million in China.


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