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By clicking submit, I, the applicant, understand and agree that the vehicle described herein has been temporarily provided to me by Houston Direct Auto. I agree to obey all traffic and other laws and to return the vehicle without damage to 4011 Jeanetta St. Houston, TX 77063  on the date above mentioned and within 15 minutes of my departure. I agree that I will not permit anyone to drive the vehicle other than myself, or my spouse, if I am married. I agree and represent that I am covered by automobile insurance currently in force and which will continue to be in force throughout the time that I have possession or use of aforesaid vehicle described above. I agree and represent that my automobile insurance is equal to or greater than the coverage required by the State of Texas will take place law and that I have sufficient coverage to pay the market value of the vehicle in case the vehicle is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed. I agree and represent that I will not permit my spouse, if any, to operate the vehicle unless my spouse has a valid drivers’ license and insurance coverage that is equal to or greater than my insurance coverage represented herein. I represent and agree that my insurance coverage and the insurance coverage of my spouse stated herein shall be primary and that any insurance obtained by Houston Direct Auto shall be secondary. I agree and represent that all of the information contained in this agreement regarding myself, my spouse, the salesperson, insurance coverage and the vehicle is true and correct. I agree to hold Houston Direct Auto harmless from any and all damages, losses, or injury to persons or property while I have the right to use the vehicle or while it is in my or my spouse’s possession. I agree to fully indemnify and protect the entities and persons against all claims, causes of action, damages, and losses arising out of or alleged to arise out of my or my spouse’s use or temporary possession of the vehicle, including attorney’s fees and litigation expenses. I agree to assume full and total responsibility for all damages resulting from my or my spouse’s possession or use of the vehicle, including damages to the vehicle, or other vehicles or property, and injury to persons, including myself and my spouse. I agree to promptly return this vehicle prior to the date and time indicated above if I am instructed to do so by Houston Direct Auto. I agree that I will not permit the vehicle to be taken more than 15 miles from the location of Houston Direct Auto.